Introduction to Our Company


USEABC International Chinese School is an Educational Brand under USEABC International Education Corporation, the first offline/online learning center is established in Vancouver. USEABC International Chinese School has officially put into operation. It is located in Richmond, BC.

Currently USEABC is planning to set various programs, including Chinese language, Ancient Chinese Literature, art, Chinese calligraphy, drama, Science, etc. USEABC provides all Chinese contexts teaching environment, using the Internet technology. Some courses are taught by the domestic outstanding teachers in China, children can learn through the HD video system. The authentic Chinese culture and high-quality teaching content can be output to overseas classrooms by distance education.

Our Features

Comfort environment, one-stop teaching service

How can we learn Chinese without Chinese context? To acquire Chinese, it is necessary to equip children with multi-angle language environment, supportive Chinese children books, free story class, and sufficient online resource from China, so that learning outcomes can be consolidated.

Domestic teaching materials from China and professional teachers

Textbooks and teaching materials are selected and assigned by famous Chinese teachers, who have rich teaching experience for many years. They integrate fresh and fashionable Chinese content into our teaching method, in order to help children feel comfortable in Chinese environment.

Original teaching method makes learning more effective

For children, teaching methods are particularly important. Unsuitable method would decrease children’s interest in learning. We focus on interesting teaching, practical learning, and combine with "Total Physical Response” teaching method and the international Chinese language teaching, methodology in Chinese primary and secondary schools to create an unique USEABC Chinese language teaching method, helping children easily understand and learn Chinese in a relaxing environment.

Formal learning support

We have over 15 years of experience in educational management, and our founders are from the largest Internet educational company in China, which has served nearly ten million learners. We are keen on education, and have the enthusiasm to provide educational service for you. We look forward to providing you and your children with high-quality Chinese learning products and services!